24Sep 2022

The difference between ER70S-6 and other welding wires of ER70S series These welding consumables can weld carbon steel and 500Mpa low alloy steel. Is there any difference between ER70S-6 and ER70S-2, ER70S-3, ER70S-4, ER70S-6, ER70S-7?   Chemical composition comparison:ER70S-6 vs ER70S Series Except for the ER70S-2 welding wire, the main differences of the other welding […]

17Sep 2022

What causes the contact tip burn back in aluminum welding? Problems encountered: When I process aluminium welding, the welding wire is stuck in the contact tip. After preliminary observation, it is found that the aluminum alloy welding wire sticks to the contact tip.  People say this is contact tip burn back. The diameter of the […]

01Jul 2022

How to easily join together aluminum plates with aluminum brazing rod? Many readers are curious about how to use aluminum brazing rods. In fact, many clients have used them many times to fix cranks for chairs, and furniture. If you don’t want to weld, it is another good choice to braze. Without welding,  the connectionis […]

19May 2022
aluminum welding wire

Is aluminum welding difficult for beginners? Even the most skilled welders may not have an exact answer. In fact, Aluminum welding is very challenging for any novice welders, even for some most skilled steel welders. We have some tips on aluminum welding for beginners. Now in this article, we only focus on aluminum TIG welding. […]

17May 2022

  The application of aluminum alloy is becoming more and more widespread with the development of the industry. Many factors are promoting the application of aluminum alloys, such as environmental protection, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, development of light weight, etc. When we need to deal with aluminum alloy, it is necessary to know and […]

10Dec 2019

ER4043 aluminum welding wire Aluminum-silicon welding wire ER4043 is the best choice for welding automobile water tanks, intercoolers and radiators with argon-arc welding machines. ER4043 aluminum welding wire is usually used as a general-purpose filler metal. It is an aluminum filler metal containing 5% silicon. It is a more versatile aluminum-silicon alloy welding wire. Its weld line […]

06Dec 2019

  Notes of store aluminum welding wire: a. Aluminum welding wire should  store in a dedicated aluminum welding wire warehouse. Pay attention to the ventilation and dryness of the warehouse. The relative humidity of the air should controll below 60%. Keep 30cm away from the ground and the wall when stacked. b. Pay attention to classification  […]

03Dec 2019

High quality aluminum welding wire manufacturer from China At present, the production processes of aluminum welding wire rods  roughly divid into vertical semi-continuous casting-extrusion method. Continuous casting  direct rolling method. Horizontal continuous casting method. Today we mainly talk about continuous casting  direct rolling method. Continuous casting  direct rolling process (referred to as CCDR) is a […]

29Nov 2019

Various problems often occur during  welding  aluminum parts by aluminum welding wire. That’s because compared with the ordinary steel welding, aluminum welding is more difficult and more attentions need to be paid. Today, the top quality aluminum welding wire manufacturer from China–Siweite aluminum welding wire manufacturer  will  summarize some common welding questions and solutions . […]