10Dec 2019

ER4043 aluminum welding wire Aluminum-silicon welding wire ER4043 is the best choice for welding automobile water tanks, intercoolers and radiators with argon- arc welding machine. ER4043 aluminum welding wire usually use as ALSil. It is an aluminum-filled metal containing 5% silicon. It is a more versatile aluminum-silicon alloy welding wire. Its weld line has excellent thermal crack […]

06Dec 2019

  Notes of store aluminum welding wire: a. Aluminum welding wire should  store in a dedicated aluminum welding wire warehouse. Pay attention to the ventilation and dryness of the warehouse. The relative humidity of the air should controll below 60%. Keep 30cm away from the ground and the wall when stacked. b. Pay attention to classification  […]

03Dec 2019

High quality aluminum welding wire manufacturer from China At present, the production processes of aluminum welding wire rods  roughly divid into vertical semi-continuous casting-extrusion method. Continuous casting  direct rolling method. Horizontal continuous casting method. Today we mainly talk about continuous casting  direct rolling method. Continuous casting  direct rolling process (referred to as CCDR) is a […]

29Nov 2019

Various problems often occur during  welding  aluminum parts by aluminum welding wire. That’s because compared with the ordinary steel welding, aluminum welding is more difficult and more attentions need to be paid. Today, the top quality aluminum welding wire manufacturer from China–Siweite aluminum welding wire manufacturer  will  summarize some common welding questions and solutions . […]

26Nov 2019

ER4043 aluminum welding wire or ER5356 aluminum welding wire? People are always asking that which filler aluminum welding wire is best for welding  6061-T6  , ER4043  or ER 5356  ?  In fact, both the aluminum welding wire ER 4043 and ER 5356 are acceptable for 6061-T 6.  Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on the application. […]

14Nov 2019

How to avoid weld porosity when using aluminum welding wire to weld work-piece When you use aluminum welding wire to weld work-piece always appear weld porosity. Especially for a new welder, weld porosity is a difficult problem to solve. The quality of aluminum welding wire has big effect to weld porosity. Meanwhile, if the pre-treatment […]

01Nov 2019

The structure diagram of aluminum storage tank  showing in the following figure. Its material is industrial aluminum L2. With a height of about 7 meters and a diameter of 5 meters. The tank weighs about 6t. The welding equipment using usually a large capacity of the melting inert gas shielded welding machine. For example, nb-500 type […]

30Oct 2019

The alloy will  have distortion after welding. Which increases the amount of repair after welding to a large extent and wastes a lot of working hours. In serious cases, the production schedule will be delayed. However, the catheter is the most critical component of the aircraft. It is large, complex, highly accurate, and requires minimal distortion. The […]