06May 2023
aluminum alloy battery tray

  6061 Aluminum Alloy: Making Battery Trays When it comes to making trays, the 6061 aluminum alloy plate is a popular choice. This material is strong and corrosion-resistant, with excellent weldability and moderate strength. Its reliable properties and suitability for processing make it widely used for manufacturing battery trays. Advantages of aluminum alloy battery trays Aluminum […]

18Apr 2023

What is aluminum alloy heat treatment? Different methods of aluminum alloy heat treatment Aging methods in aluminum alloy heat treatment Importance of aluminum alloy heat treatment What is aluminum alloy heat treatment? Aluminum alloy heat treatment is a process that improves the mechanical and physical properties of aluminum alloys. It involves carefully heating, holding, and cooling […]

13Dec 2022

What are brazing and its characteristics? Brazing, like welding, is one of the oldest ways to join metals together. What is brazing? What are definitions and characteristics? Many people are still unclear about these, and now let’s tackle those problems in this article. Definition Brazing is a traditional metal joining process in which two or more […]

05Dec 2022

Difference between copper and copper alloy – brass and bronze What is a copper alloy? Many people are confused with copper, brass, and bronze. What is the difference between copper, brass, and bronze? The simplest point is that copper is a pure metal. As a comparison, brass is a copper alloy with zinc and bronze is […]

28Nov 2022
Tungsten electrode used in TIG welding

Different tungsten electrodes used in TIG welding Greenhand welders may feel confused by the various color of tungsten electrodes on the shelf. A common question may come out, “What color of tungsten electrode should I choose for my TIG welding?” Now let’s decode the color system of the tungsten electrode in TIG Welding. Thorium tungsten: […]

22Nov 2022

What are the difficulties in aluminum welding? Aluminum and aluminum alloy are lightweight and non-corrosive metals. They are becoming popular in the recent fifty years. However, when welders talk about aluminum welding, they all think of it as tough work to deal with. Why is aluminum welding so difficult? 1) Aluminum alloy is easy to oxidize. In the […]

14Nov 2022
MIG welding or MIG weld

The difference between MIG welding and MAG welding In robotic arc welding, the use of molten gas-shielded welding is the most widespread. According to the type of shielding gas, we usually divide it into two groups – MIG welding and MAG welding. Some beginners in welding may confuse MIG welding and MAG welding. In this […]

10Nov 2022

It is tough work and a big challenge for any green hand to weld thin aluminum, not to mention welding aluminum sheets as thin as 1mm. What is the biggest challenge for welding thin aluminum? Burn through. In order to successfully weld thin aluminum, we’d like to discuss why it is difficult to weld thin […]

10Oct 2022

Aluminum yachts are becomming more and more popular. Why does this happen? What make aluminum yachts popular?We will make a brief introduction in this article. Most aluminum yachts work in the ocean. This is a general fact to us all. Aluminum alloy is the least corrosive metal. Its good corrosion resistance makes it popular in […]

24Sep 2022

The difference between ER70S-6 and other welding wires of ER70S series These welding consumables can weld carbon steel and 500Mpa low alloy steel. Is there any difference between ER70S-6 and ER70S-2, ER70S-3, ER70S-4, ER70S-6, ER70S-7?   Chemical composition comparison:ER70S-6 vs ER70S Series Except for the ER70S-2 welding wire, the main differences of the other welding […]