07Sep 2019

Regulations for welding process approval in shipbuilding In the process of shipbuilding, welding process evaluation test is usually carried out for the determined base material and welding materials.  After certain technological welding, the applicability of the process is evaluated by checking the properties of welding seam and heat-affected zone. As welding process evaluation is great significance […]

03Sep 2019

Welding Technique The above figure mainly illustrates the welding technology and distribution of structural materials use in automobiles.  Mainly involving the welding of high-strength steel; aluminum and composite materials;  and the welding of dissimilar materials between them. Basically summarized the automobile related welding technology. According to the technology maturity, it can be divided into three layers: […]

20Aug 2019

2019-08-20 In the previous article we discussed 4043 and 5356 filler metals. It is a fact that these two filler alloys represent 80 percent of the worldwide consumption of aluminum filler metals. So it stands to reason that you should be using one of these filler metals for roughly 80 percent of your applications. But what […]

16Aug 2019

A  customer said that I fabricate high-end, custom, aluminum-framed bicycles. I was able to buy round tube made from alloy 7075 in the correct sizes to make bicycle frames. I checked the mechanical properties and found out that the strength of this alloy is very high. However, I have been unable to find the correct filler […]

14Aug 2019

Customer enquiryabout ER 4043 andER4047 A customer who often use ER4043aluminum welding wire for welding 6061 and casting asked us: someone suggested to him that ER4047 should be used as filling welding material, because it has better welding effect.But we know that ER4047 is more expensive than ER4043. Is it necessary to adjust under this […]

06Aug 2019

Find the problem-aluminum and alu alloy Aluminum and alu alloy have  characteristics of low melting point, good thermal conductivity, easy oxidation, low temperature strength, and substantially no discoloration of solid-liquid transition, which brings a certain degree of difficulty to welding. The biggest problem is that the surface of the aluminum alloy weldment has dense aluminum […]

30Jul 2019

  Filler metals As we our know that approximately 80 percent of the aluminum filler wire sold worldwide is either 4043 or 5356. So, most often one or the other will be appropriate for your application. Yes, you are correct in saying that 5356 is stronger. But your distributor is also correct in suggesting you […]

26Jul 2019

Copper and aluminum brazing method introduction Thoroughly remove the oil stains, dirt, insulation layer, etc. on the base metal before welding; Firstly heat the base material during welding,  heat thethinparts after the thick parts; heat the aluminum parts after the copper parts. Moving the welding gun back and forth evenly to heat the welding when […]

23Jul 2019

With the increasing environmental pollution problems, the energy-saving and consumption-reducing effects brought by automobile lightweighting , and it have become more and more popular.   automotive lightweighting: http://www.focusweld.com/?p=3134&preview=true In the field of automotive lightweighting, the application of aluminum alloys is increasingly widespread, especially for aluminum alloy profiles. Due to the short development cycle, The cost […]

17Jul 2019

There are various methods for classifying flux-cored wire. Such as classification according to the manufacturing method of flux-cored wire. Classification of shielding gas when welding of flux-cored wire. Classification by the use of flux-cored wire.Classification of welding powder composition of flux-cored wire. Today, we will introduce you to the flux-cored wire under various classification methods: […]