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21Oct 2019

All kinds of welding defects of TIG welding of aluminum and its alloy are the same as those of other arc welding, and some are special.The welding quality of TIG welding of aluminum and its alloy is related to the preparation before welding, the purity of protective gas, the accuracy of welding parameters, the proficiency […]

17Oct 2019

The welding method of steel and aluminum is very poor, not only the melting point of the two is quite different.  The melting point of steel is about 1350℃, while the melting point of aluminum is about 660℃. Density also varies widely: about 7.87t/m3 for steel and 2.70t/m3 for aluminum. Moreover, the aluminum surface is prone to […]

08Oct 2019

Pulse MIG welding  introduction Nowadays, more and more aluminum alloy welding adopts MIG welding, especially pulse MIG welding with excellent performance, and even double pulse MIG welding. Due to its high welding efficiency, it can realize semiautomatic and fullautomatic welding, and the weld depth large and the strength  high. But then again, she’s not as […]

27Sep 2019

Iron and steel are easy to oxidize in high temperature. Aluminizing diffusion is a reliable surface treatment process. Spraying aluminizing is one of them.It has the advantages of wide range of application, relatively simple process and good high temperature resistance. The melting point of aluminum is 660 degree centigrade, and itself is not resistant to […]

19Sep 2019

For pure aluminum pipeline of concentrated nitric acid (> 99.8%) cooler. Advanceing welding equipment and reasonable welding process are needed to meet the production requirements.Because the characteristics of the material and the particularity of the welding process Aluminum and aluminum alloy materials are widely use in modern industrial production. In the chemical industry, it is a […]

07Sep 2019

Regulations for welding process approval in shipbuilding In the process of shipbuilding, welding process evaluation test is usually carried out for the determined base material and welding materials.  After certain technological welding, the applicability of the process is evaluated by checking the properties of welding seam and heat-affected zone. As welding process evaluation is great significance […]

03Sep 2019

Welding Technique The above figure mainly illustrates the welding technology and distribution of structural materials use in automobiles.  Mainly involving the welding of high-strength steel; aluminum and composite materials;  and the welding of dissimilar materials between them. Basically summarized the automobile related welding technology. According to the technology maturity, it can be divided into three layers: […]

20Aug 2019

2019-08-20 In the previous article we discussed 4043 and 5356 filler metals. It is a fact that these two filler alloys represent 80 percent of the worldwide consumption of aluminum filler metals. So it stands to reason that you should be using one of these filler metals for roughly 80 percent of your applications. But what […]

16Aug 2019

A  customer said that I fabricate high-end, custom, aluminum-framed bicycles. I was able to buy round tube made from alloy 7075 in the correct sizes to make bicycle frames. I checked the mechanical properties and found out that the strength of this alloy is very high. However, I have been unable to find the correct filler […]

14Aug 2019

Customer enquiryabout ER 4043 andER4047 A customer who often use ER4043aluminum welding wire for welding 6061 and casting asked us: someone suggested to him that ER4047 should be used as filling welding material, because it has better welding effect.But we know that ER4047 is more expensive than ER4043. Is it necessary to adjust under this […]