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Welding Technique The above figure mainly illustrates the welding technology and distribution of structural materials use in automobiles.  Mainly involving the welding of high-strength steel; aluminum and composite materials;  and the welding of dissimilar materials between them. Basically summarized the automobile related welding technology. According to the technology maturity, it can be divided into three layers: […]

There are various methods for classifying flux-cored wire. Such as classification according to the manufacturing method of flux-cored wire. Classification of shielding gas when welding of flux-cored wire. Classification by the use of flux-cored wire.Classification of welding powder composition of flux-cored wire. Today, we will introduce you to the flux-cored wire under various classification methods: […]

The selection of welding wire diameter depends on the thickness of the welding piece, position of the welding seam, welding level and form of welding joint. In general, the diameter of the welding wire is selected according to the thickness of the welding part.Thick welding parts, should choose a larger diameter of the welding wire. […]