14Sep 2018

Like MIG welding, flux-cored wire requires three main components: arc, filler metal and a protective gas. Just like MIG welding, core welding works by feeding the electrodes continuously into the joint. First, the welder squeezes the trigger, and then the wire feeder begins to feed the electrodes into the joint while the electrodes are charged. […]

12Sep 2018

Instructions Make sure the consumbale has adapted the environment tempreture before unpacking the package. Remove dirts such as oil and dust from the groove before welding. The quality of the weld joint will be better if the humidity of the welding room is contrled. you’d better take the quantity everyday required before entering the construction […]

30Aug 2018

welding rod 1. Notes (1) Electrode storage Note that the warehouse should be ventilated and dry, and the relative humidity of the air should be controlled below 60%. Keep the distance between the ground and the wall at a distance of 30cm. (2) Separate the model and specifications and store them. (3) During the handling […]

29Aug 2018

Classification of Common Welding Methods and How to Choose

August 29, 2018 Industry News

A process known to join a workpiece by heating or pressurizing, or a combination of both, and with or without a filler material, is referred to as welding. The workpiece can be made of various metal materials of the same kind or different types, such as metal, non-metal materials (plastic, graphite, ceramic, glass, etc.), or […]

14Aug 2018

Base metal preparation: In order to weld aluminum, the welder must carefully clean the base metal, and use oil or solvent to remove any oxides and hydrocarbons from the aluminum surface. The surface of the aluminum has an oxide ablation temperature of 3,700 degrees Fahrenheit, while the underlying aluminum base material ablate at 1200 degrees […]

14Aug 2018

How to find the right current quickly when welding with aluminum wire Theoretical formula for current regulation How is the current of the welder adjusted? Generally according to the empirical formula I = (35-55) d. Where I is the welding current (A) and d is the diameter of the electrode (mm), calculate a rough welding […]

30May 2018

Standard of Aluminum Welding Aluminum Welding Almost all welding methods can be used for welding aluminum and aluminum alloys, but aluminum and aluminum alloys have different adaptability to various welding methods, and various welding methods have their own application occasions. Gas welding and electrode arc welding methods are simple and easy to operate. Gas welding […]

25May 2018

Aluminum Welding Procedure – Aluminum Alloy Welding Preparation Before Welding During the welding of aluminum alloy, it is required to strictly remove the oxide film and oil stains on the workpiece joints before welding.The cleaning quality will directly affect the welding quality of welding technology and joints, such as the tendency and mechanical properties of […]

23May 2018

      Five Tips of Aluminum Welding First, wire-type welding torch is the most suitable for welding aluminum. If you cannot use this type of welding torch, and try to use the shortest welding torch in order to keep the welding torch straight, and use argon as the shielding gas. It can only use […]