Is aluminum welding difficult for beginners? Even the most skilled welders may not have an exact answer. In fact, Aluminum welding is very challenging for any novice welders, even for some most skilled steel welders. We have some tips on aluminum welding for beginners. Now in this article, we only focus on aluminum TIG welding.

What equipment do you need for aluminum TIG welding?

  1. An AC-capable Tig welder is necessary.
  2. Pick the right, clean tungsten electrode.
  3. AC Tig welder has a cleaning action. With an alternative current, it couldclean aluminum oxide layer thoroughly that leading to a gorgeous weld.
  4. Argon gas. Usually 99.99% argon gas works well. Never ever try any CO2 or CO2 mix shielding gas in aluminum welding.
  5. Aluminum welding rod or aluminum welding wire. Choose the right aluminum welding wire for your workpieces. Usually, alloy 4043 and alloy 5356 are the most recommended.
  6. Selecting the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) includes welding gloves, welding helmets, safety glasses, long sleeve work clothes etc.
  7. Follow the right procedures to clean and preheat your aluminum alloy workpieces.
  8. A good working place. No wind is better.

Many welders may come across some following problems when conducting aluminum welding.

  1. Poor shielding gas coverage. It will lead to weld contamination.
  2. Porosity. It’s Not normal, though it is common for beginners.
  3. Burn through.
  4. Soot.
  5. Poor arc.
  6. Set the wrong polarity of the machine.
  7. Set right welding parameters, for gas flow rate, typically 15-20 cubic feet per hour.

Anyway, neither aluminum welding nor aluminum tig welding is easy to handle. You need to practice more to master it.