Various problems often occur during  welding  aluminum parts by aluminum welding wire. That’s because compared with the ordinary steel welding, aluminum welding is more difficult and more attentions need to be paid. Today, the top quality aluminum welding wire manufacturer from China–Siweite aluminum welding wire manufacturer  will  summarize some common welding questions and solutions .

Porosity during welding


a. Oil、rust、dirt  and so like on the base material or aluminum welding wire.

b. Large air flow at the welding site and it’s not conducive to gas protection.

c. High content of hydrogen ions in aluminum welding wire.

d. The shielding gas has low purity .

e. The ambient air humidity is high.


a.  Cleaning the oil, dirt, rust and oxide film on the surface of the aluminum welding wire carefully before welding.  Using the aluminum welding wire that has higher deoxidizer.

b. Choosing the reasonable welding place.

c. Choosing the aluminum welding wire with high density and low hydrogen ion content. Such as the continuous casting and direct rolling aluminum welding wire made by top quality aluminum welding wire manufacturer–Siweite.

d. Changing the shielding gas.

e. Welding when the air humidity is low, or using a heating system.

The base metal was burned through during welding


a. The heat input is too large.

b. Bevel processing is improper, welding gap is too large.

c. The solder joint spacing is too large during spot welding. There is a large amount of deformation during welding.


a. Properly reduce welding current and arc voltage to improve welding speed.

b. Reducing root clearance.

c. Appropriately reduce the distance between solder joints during spot welding.

Poor welding line


a. Improper selection of welding specification.

b. Welding gun angle is incorrect.

c. The welder is not skilled in operation.

d. The conductive nozzle aperture is too large.

e. Moisture in aluminum welding wire, base material and shielding gas.


a. Repeated commissioning to select the appropriate welding condition.

b. Maintain proper welding gun angle.

c. Select the appropriate conductive nozzle aperture.

d. Carefully clean the aluminum welding wire and base metal before welding to ensure the purity of the gas.

Lack of penetration


a. Welding speed is too fast and the arc is too long.

b. Bevel processing is improper with equipment clearance is too small.

c. Welding specification is too small.

d. Welding current is unstable.


a. Appropriately slow down welding speed and reduce the electric arc.

b. Properly reduce dull edges or increase root clearance.

c. Increase welding current with arc voltage to ensure sufficient heat input energy of base material.

d. Add regulated power supply equipment. 

Welding crack


a. The molten pool is too large, overheated, many alloy elements are burned.

b. Arc craters at welding line end are cooling too fast.

c. The composition of the aluminum welding wire does not match the base material.

d. The weld line depth-to-width ratio is too large.


a. Reduce welding current or increase welding speed appropriately.

b. The arc closing operation should be correct. Add  arc starting plate or use  current attenuation device to fill the arc pit.

c. Selecting the aluminum welding wire correctly. The top quality aluminum welding wire manufacturer– Siewite have AluminumWelding Wire Selection Guide. Please contact me freely [email protected] if you need it.

Poor in wire feed


a. The aluminum welding wire is worn .

b. Spray arc.

c. Wire feeding tube is too long or too tight.

d. Too much burrs, scratches, dust , dirt on the aluminum welding wire surface.


a. Check  condition of  contact tube and the wire feeding tube. Check  condition of the wire feeding wheel

b. Check whether the diameter of the contact tip matches. Check the wear pattern of the aluminum welding wire reel.

c. Choose the right wire feed wheel size, shape and suitable surface condition.

d. Choose the aluminum welding wire with a good surface quality. Aluminum welding wire through  USC(ultrasonic cleaning) made by top quality aluminum welding wire manufacturer from China–Siweite Welding Material Co., Ltd.

burned through

burned through