Determine whether the inlet, middle port, and outlet are on a straight line. If they are not on a straight line, the wire feeding resistance will increase. And the wire feeding performance will be unstable.
When testing the machine, the anti-rust grease should  wipe off.  The wheel grooves filled with aluminum welding wire should  clean regularly. And the stains on the wheels should wipe with soft items to determine whether the wheel grooves are worn

Method of application:

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The retaining ring of the wire feeding wheel only serves to prevent the rim from falling or moving too much during the wire feeding process.  And it should not be tightened too tightly. Otherwise, the embedded screws are liable to fall off or become loose.

The wire feeding hose will be full of dust and iron powder during use. And the wire feeding resistance will also increase.So it is necessary to arrange it frequently.

When the wire feeding tube is still relatively new for a period of time, compressed air can be used for cleaning. After the wire feed tube is worn, it should be soaked in kerosene, gasoline, alcohol and other organic solvents to cleaning.

When replacing the wire feeding tube, select a suitable tube according to the diameter of the aluminum welding wire, and cut the length of the tube according to the actual length of the gun.

In addition, the diameter of the contact tip on the wire feed tube must be selected to match the diameter of the aluminum welding wire. For example, for aluminum welding wire with a diameter of 1.2, it is recommended to choose a contact tip with a size of 1.2a. This way, the effect is the best. When the hole size of the contact tip is inappropriate, it should be replaced in time.

When the working radius is met, a standard 3m gun is recommended. Welding torch cables cannot show dead bends (no coils or S-bends less than Φ400mm), especially in places where the torch handle and the cable are adjacent.

The direction of rotation with the wire coil should be clockwise, not counterclockwise.

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