ER4043 aluminum welding wire

Aluminum-silicon welding wire ER4043 is the best choice for welding automobile water tanks, intercoolers and radiators with argon-arc welding machines.

ER4043 aluminum welding wire is usually used as a general-purpose filler metal. It is an aluminum filler metal containing 5% silicon. It is a more versatile aluminum-silicon alloy welding wire. Its weld line has excellent thermal crack resistance and certain mechanical properties. But the color of the weld line is different from the base material after anodizing. At the same time, the welding of aluminum-magnesium alloy will produce brittle Mg2Si in the weld. Which will reduce the plasticity and corrosion resistance of the joint.
ER4043 aluminum welding wire ranges from 1065-1170oF. After anodizing, the color is off-white. And the minimum tensile strength is 186MP. Commonly used as fillers for argon arc welding. And oxygen-acetylene gas welding of aluminum alloy workpieces and castings other than aluminum-magnesium alloys. Especially for heat-treated reinforced aluminum alloys that are prone to thermal cracking. Good results can be obtained.

ER5356 aluminum welding wire

The ER5356 aluminum-magnesium welding wire is the best choice for welding automobile fuel tanks, bumpers and car bodies with argon-arc welding machines.

ER5356 aluminum welding wire is usually used as ALMg5. It is an aluminum alloy filler metal containing up to 5% magnesium. It is a versatile welding material that can be used for MIG or TIG welding.  Aluminum alloy has high strength, good forge ability and good corrosion resistance.  ER5356 also provide good colour matching after anodizing. It is white after anodizing and has a tensile strength of 290MP.

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