Copper and aluminum brazing method introduction

Thoroughly remove the oil stains, dirt, insulation layer, etc. on the base metal before welding; Firstly heat the base material during welding,  heat thethinparts after the thick parts; heat the aluminum parts after the copper parts. Moving the welding gun back and forth evenly to heat the welding when the temperature of the weldment reaches 450-500 °C, add the wire to the welded part, so that the wire melts in the weld evenly. Then use the flame to slightly sweep the welding part to ensure that the solder joint  spread and positioned, remove the welding torch and let it cool naturally, then the welding completed. Aluminum welding method analysis.

Application of copper-aluminum welding method

Use tools and gases: porous spray gun.Welding principle: the self-contained solder powder is an organic non-corrosive solder. The solder powder will melt with the metal cladding to break the metal surface oxide film and metal surface tension, and can prevent reoxidation. The solder powder infiltrates the metal surface to make the solder. The brazing filler metal can form a brazed weld by capillary action. Aluminum welding method analysis.

 Aluminum welding method:

1) Clean the oil, dirt and insulation of the welded metal parts to expose the metal luster.

2) Install weldments that require welding. Generally, the required welding part clearance is 0.05-0.1mm. Use a gas welding torch (oxygen acetylene heat source), use a porous spray gun, and separately burn the liquefied gas, which will spray a wider width. The flame belt, the flame is softer, so that heating of parts more evenly.Heat the substrate evenly. When the temperature of the base material rises uniformly to about 300 degrees, the main heat source concentrates on heating the pre-designed welding place and simultaneously sweeps the heating. The heating sequence is the first thin piece and the thin piece, the first piece of copper is the aluminum part.

3) When the welding temperature of the welded part reaches about 400 degrees, the welding seam filled at a certain welding angle. And the temperature of the base metal must reach 400 degrees. When the brazing material to be welded forms a uniform weld at the weld,  take away the torch , naturally cooled, and complete the entire welding process. In this process, insufficient burning of solder.Because this is different from the conventional welding wire, the principle of this is for the heat conduction of the base metal, it can melt with the flame, but do not use a fire to directly solder the wire.

Application of copper and aluminum welding method 2

Soldering material: low temperature copper aluminum solder

Use tools and gases: electric iron, hot air gun, porous spray gun, reflow oven, tunnel furnace

Welding principle: It is completely formed by the heat conduction welding wire of the base metal.

  Aluminum welding method:

1) Clean the surface of the base metal and apply a small amount of flux to the weld.

2) Preheat the sample with a medium flame until the flux is light yellow. When it is slightly boiling, it indicates that the temperature has reached the working temperature of about 179 degrees , and  heated the base material . Do not use fire to burn the flux, because the flux will black out under the burning of the flame to lose the tension of the aluminum metal surface. Be careful to not  burn the temperature particularly high  when you founded the weld is to be dry or when it is black. Because it can be re-applied to the weld by welding wire with some flux to play the role of welding aid.

3) The welding of the universal 51 alloy, the molten wire is fluid under the action of the molten wire. Welding part causes local temperature difference, the molten M51 metal will flow toward the high temperature, so obtain temperature difference based on this characteristic . The face welds a beautiful weld on both sides, and the metal flows through the joints to form a smooth and tidy connection.

Copper and aluminum solid wire with copper and aluminum solder paste-

aluminum welding method

Suitable for welding large areas of copper and aluminum platoons, foils and large diameter copper and aluminum tubes. Thoroughly remove the oil, dirt and insulation of the base material before welding. Evenly apply copper and aluminum solder paste to the welded parts with a brush or the like. Close the copper and aluminum base material;  Keep the weldment flat; fix it with appropriate fixture; heat the thick piece with flame first, then heat the thin piece; first heat the copper piece, then heat the aluminum piece to ensure uniform heating of the weldment. Aluminum welding method analysis.

Whenever heating, you can see it  from the weld that the solder paste changes from cream to white solid and continues to heat. When the solid becomes liquid, the flux paste reaches the active temperature, and the added the brazing wire to weld in time. When filling the solder joints.  Slightly sweeping the weld with the flame to allow the retained flux to be discharged from the weld to avoid slag inclusion. Removing the torch and the workpiece is naturally cooled to complete the welding.