How to easily join together aluminum plates with aluminum brazing rod?

Many readers are curious about how to use aluminum brazing rods. In fact, many clients have used them many times to fix cranks for chairs, and furniture.

If you don’t want to weld, it is another good choice to braze. Without welding,  the connectionis also as strong as you’re going to get.  This is extremely strong when you braze two pieces aluminum together using the aluminum brazing rod.

Here are some steps on how to use this stuff.

The very first step is that we really have to clean off all the oxidation. Just use a clean stainless steel brush to get it really clean.

As we want to connect the pieces of sample aluminum plates together, get the edge all clean and so is the bottom edge. Remember we have to thoroughly clean all the sides of each piece of the plates that will join together. There is a saying in aluminum welding says that you will never clean an aluminum plate enough. When the two workpieces look good and both surfaces are clean, put them together and hold it with a clip together tightly. Then check the area where we’re going to weld and brush it carefully if anywhere is missed. So we’ve done the first step.

Now let’s come to the second step. Got the torch and turn it on. Sometimes it is hard to see the torch flame because of the light, but we have to pay attention to it. Never put the torch on too high. Now the thing with the aluminum if we overheat it, it’s just going to melt into one big blob and fall apart.

So what we want to do is first we heat it up and then after it heats up we want a wire brush one more time and then we want to gradually apply heat. If one piece is thicker than the other piece of plate, we must put most of the heat on the thick and let it transfer over to the end, and then you’re going to keep checking by just moving the rod lightly. When you see that as starting to flow, then you could ease off on the heat.

What do we do before we use the aluminum brazing rod, especially if we have them lying around for a while even though they’re in the bag? We want to get sandpaper, some like 600 grit and clean the rod to get rid of any oxidation on the surface of the rod.

Now we apply some heat. Move the torch back and forth several times along the joint we’re going to braze. With a stop for a minute push down right here and we’ll notice when we’re brushing it feels softer because the metal softened. Brush it several times and then give it more heat again. We just keep checking the temperature with the rod we’ve just cleaned. Every so often we wanted to like that. Heat it up and use a rod brushing back and forth to test the temperature, to see if the rod melts. The smoking is taped on the backside of the aluminum the thicker one. Normally you wouldn’t discover it. Please brush it again. Brush it on the heat gets more oxidation out of it.


When we see the rod start to melt, put a little extra heat. Heat it up to let it flow in a little bit extra deep. Heat the joint and let the rod back and forth quickly. After we finish it, heat it for more seconds. Then our brazing job is done. We will wait and let it cool. We could check and look if the aluminum brazing rod works good. It generates a very strong bond.