aluminum welding wire packing

aluminum welding wire packing

Notes of store aluminum welding wire:

a. Aluminum welding wire should  store in a dedicated aluminum welding wire warehouse. Pay attention to the ventilation and dryness of the warehouse. The relative humidity of the air should controll below 60%. Keep 30cm away from the ground and the wall when stacked.

b. Pay attention to classification  the aluminum welding wire when storing, do not mix them together.

c. Please carefuuly when carry out aluminum welding wire in order  to prevent damaging  the package. Because once the package is damaged, it may cause problems such as moisture absorption and rust.

d. Aluminum welding wire should not  stack too high

e. Generally, the aluminum welding wire should use up quickly after opening. Once it is not used up and needs to be placed in the wire feeder overnight, cover the wire feeder (or wire reel) with canvas, plastic cloth or other items. So as to reduce the contact of the wire and moisture in the air.

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