The welding wire is one of the indispensable tools for welding operations. How much do you know about the welding process? With the continuous advancement of the times, the welding process is constantly developing and updating. Of course, the welding wire is also progressing with the continuous improvement of the welding process. Since the welding process has been applied more and more widely in recent years, various types of welding wires (aluminum-magnesium welding wire, flux-cored welding wire, stainless steel welding wire, etc.) have begun to appear on the market. Today I will give you a detailed explanation. The difference between flux cored welding wire and solid welding wire.

Production efficiency: 
For the production efficiency, the flux-cored welding wire adopts the continuous welding method, so the production efficiency is high; compared with the solid welding wire, since the flux-cored welding wire has less welding spatter and the weld bead is formed, the removal of the splash and the grinding is reduced. The time of the weld surface.
Adaptability to the base metal:
Compared with the solid welding wire, since the flux-cored wire is generally a transition metal element through the core, it is convenient to adjust the alloy composition from the formulation as a manual electrode to meet the requirements of the welded base material. The solid welding wire has to be re-smelted every time the alloy composition is adjusted. The number of processes is large and difficult to control, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of less dosage and variety. Moreover, some alloy solid wire has poor drawing performance and is difficult to draw into the required wire. At this point, the flux-cored wire has its unique advantages.
Cost of use: 
Compared to manual electrodes and solid wire, the flux-cored welding wire itself is very expensive. However, for large enterprises, the use of flux-cored welding wire shortens the production cycle and the quality of the weld is easy to guarantee, so the overall benefits are very high.
Moisture resistance:
Ordinary cored silk has a continuous gap on the side of its skin due to its manufacturing form. Therefore, the flux-cored welding wire should not be left too long after opening the package to prevent excessive moisture absorption and affect the quality of the welding.

The difference in the characteristics of the two also leads to differences in the scope of application, only need to be selected according to individual circumstances, then the topic of the difference between the flux cored welding wire and the solid welding wire is discussed with you here, if You also have doubts about any problems related to the flux cored welding wire or the solid welding wire. Please call our wire manufacturer for advice.