ER4043 aluminum welding wire or ER5356 aluminum welding wire?

People are always asking that which filler aluminum welding wire is best for welding  6061-T6  , ER4043  or ER 5356  ? 

In fact, both the aluminum welding wire ER 4043 and ER 5356 are acceptable for 6061-T 6.  Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on the application. ER5356 is aluminum welding wire containing 5 percent magnesium; Generally it is stronger and more ductile than ER4043. ER4043 is aluminum welding wire which contains 5 percent silicon.  Generally it is typically flows better, as well as is more crack-resistant, easier to weld with, less prone to weld smut, and yields a more aesthetic weld.

aluminum welding wire ER5356

ER5356 aluminum welding wire is better than ER 4043 aluminum welding wire?

If  ER5356 aluminum welding wire is stronger, shouldn’t I always use it? The answer is no. While ER5356 is stronger than ER4043 . They’re both stronger than the weakest area of the heat-affected zone (HAZ) in 6061-T6 butt welds. These butt welds fail in the HAZ—not in the weld metal. And the strength doesn’t change, regardless of the filler metal.

This isn’t the same with lap or fillet welds. These welds almost always are stressed in shear loading in real-world designs, not in tensile loading like butt welds. Lap and fillet welds usually fail in the weld metal, and ER5356  has a shear strength almost 50 percent higher than ER4043.

ER4043 is less crack-sensitive than ER 5356 and shows less tendency for crater cracking. If your component will be heat-treated after welding, use ER4043. ER5356 can be made susceptible to stress corrosion cracking after heat treatment. Similarly, if the component will operate at temperatures above 150 degrees F, use ER4043 to avoid stress corrosion cracking.

But if the component will be anodized after welding, use ER5356. The high silicon content of ER4043 will cause the weld to turn black during anodizing.  Making the location of each weld obvious and unattractive. ER5356 will anodize to a silver color.

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