• Make sure the consumbale has adapted the environment tempreture before unpacking the package.

Remove dirts such as oil and dust from the groove before welding.

The quality of the weld joint will be better if the humidity of the welding room is contrled.

  • you’d better take the quantity everyday required before entering the construction site. Please pack the surplus products with plastic bags and cardboard boxes, and put them back to warehouse when you finish the qperation.


  • You should pack the products with dry and clean bags and keep hans clean during the second packing. In order to guarantee the safety of the welding opration, please take protective measures to prevent the splash and the stimulation on eyes generated by electric arc. Please use the standard protective mask.
  • Mixed with dissmilar metals will cause weld defect, so please pay attention to the pollution of dissmilar metals spray in workplace. For the high quality welding workplace, the isolation of welding station is necessary.
  • Please keep the labels all the time either using or storage in the place with a variety of alloy welding wires, to prevent confusing them.