Five Tips of Aluminum Welding

  • First, wire-type welding torch is the most suitable for welding aluminum. If you cannot use this type of welding torch, and try to use the shortest welding torch in order to keep the welding torch straight, and use argon as the shielding gas. It can only use pusher tactics in the welding of aluminum (automatic tube welding Machines) .


  • Second, if you find the wire feed problem, try a conductive head that is one size larger than the wire.


  • Third, the most commonly used welding wire is a softer standard welding wire. The other is harder (easier to feed the wire) and it is mainly used in welding operations where hardness and strength are required.


  • Fourth, before the welding, it needs to do the aluminum oxide surface cleaning work, and use the special stainless steel brush to remove the oxide layer.


  • Fifth, Fill arc pits at the end of welding to prevent cracks. One option is to hold the torch in the bath for a few seconds after welding.

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